How to lose Weight After Pregnancy -

As a new mom yourself, you know that one of the biggest concerns of women after pregnancy is How To Lose all that excessive weight gained during those nine months! f course, taking care of your newborn still takes a priority, but its always a good idea to realize that the earlier you start exercising and being conscious about staying fit, the better it would be for your post-partum recovery and attaining your pre-pregnancy weight. For some people, it might not be that important to look slim and sexy after being a mom, but nevertheless, it is always in everyone's best interests to maintain a healthy and fit body, so that you can enjoy motherhood even more, and stand up to its numerous challenges.

Keep a Weight Check even while Pregnant
Though being pregnant is one of the most lovely times in a woman's life, and one should indulge in as much of luxury as possible, its a good idea to stay healthy and keep a tab on your weight gain, especially during the first trimester. Women tend to think that pregnancy gives them as eat-all-you-want license, which mostly tends to accumulate a few extra pounds right at the beginning, and these are hard to melt away after you have your baby. So while recommend indulging in an icecream or a delicious dessert once a week, don't make it a habit during those nine months. Remember, you only need 300 more calories per day while you are pregnant, so get those calories from healthy food options like whole grains, fiber, proteins and cereals.

Try to Breastfeed if Possible
Though choosing to breastfeed is a matter of personal choice, we all know the benefits of this act. Besides providing the best nutrition for your baby, it also burns about 300 or more calories per day, and maintains a healthy metabolism. Besides this, it provides excellent way to bond with your baby, and it also gives you some time to stretch your legs, feed your baby and play with her all at the same time!

Get more Dairy in your Diet
Recent studies have shown that calcium-rich dairy products rev up the body's fat-burning ability and increase metabolism, while maintaining your lean muscle mass. Nutrition Institutes, has discovered that calcium-rich diets, when combined with some form of calorie-restriction and exercise, can actually accelerate weight loss. In one of Zemel's studies, low-fat yogurt eaters tripled fat loss in the stomach area -- the body part new moms are desperate to reclaim .

Interact with Your Kids and other New Moms
The fist advice doctors give new moms is to take their newborns out for long walks in their strollers! And yes, as good as it is for the tinytots, it is the beginning of a healthy exercise routine for the moms while they take time to recover from their delivery. It can get tiresome to tend to your child the whole time, especially in the first few weeks, and everyone can do with some time off. but if you do not have helpers or family, just try meeting some other new moms, arrange play-dates, and start going out to parks or walks with your newly found friends, kick-starting your fitness and weight-loss regimen.

Space Out your Meals & Drink Lots of Water
You do need to eat healthy and filling meals for healthy recovery. However, try to cut your portions into 6 meals a day, and never ever skip your breakfast. Keep whole grains, vegetables, fruits, wheat, low-carb foods and fluids as a major part of your diet. For fluids, nothing comes close to water; drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and stay away from Sodas, caffiene and sugar-laden fruit juices. If you consume more than 700 calories at one meal, you can get gassy, and it can actually slow your metabolism too.

How to Reduce Your Belly Fat

A flat belly does not come in one day. Continuous efforts are required and plenty of precautions are to be taken. At least this is what we hear from everyone around. So we have tried to make things simpler for those who want to get rid of belly fat as soon as possible.

Choice of Food
Obviously, you need to cut down on saturated fats and excess sugar completely. Switch to fat burning foods. These foods either increase the metabolism or help burn up the stored fats in the cells. For example, eggs contain vitamin B12 which helps in burning of fats stored in body cells.
Choose lean meats, foods rich in protein as well as fiber. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in their raw form as much as possible. Additionally, these will help in detoxification of the body.
Fat burning foods include banana, tomatoes, prunes, lemons, onions, green chilies, apple, watermelon, yogurt, honey, brinjal, fenugreek, spinach and berries.
Cooking oil contribute significantly to the belly fat. Thus, go for cooking oils that are rich in unsaturated fats. For example, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, mustard oil and soy cooking oil are good options.

In order to tone down your belly you need to do these simple exercises. Lie down flat on floor. Place hands parallel to your body. Slowly raise your legs above together, breath in.
Once the legs come at 90 degree to the rest of the body, fold them from the knees and wrap arms around them.
Press the legs against your abdomen. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Breathe in and out gently. Release your legs and lay straight. Do this 10 times daily.
Another exercise is done by lying down on the floor. Do bicycling by raising the legs above. Do this slowly. Women with weak ovaries should not do this exercise.
Doing push-ups is another good exercise of losing belly fat. Some people find it difficult to maintain their knees stable. A helping hand may be needed. Those with backache problem should not do push-ups.

Drinking extract of acacia or gooseberry early morning empty stomach helps in burning fat of the entire body. Drinking lemon juice in warm water with honey provides similar benefits.