Female Hair Loss

The female hair loss can have diverse causes and intensities, but it is always a great upheaval. Many times exaggerated, the hair loss is a great problem once the hair is the “facial frame” and contributes a lot to female beauty. What happens frequently is that the initial case of female hair fall is hardly clinically evident. That’s why many times a patient with hair complaints is not taken that seriously by some doctors, who may see on women, a certain exaggeration and for this reason, many times can end up not given the proper attention, failing in investigate the problem appropriately.

Home Remedies for a Dry & Flaky Scalp

Home Remedies for a Dry & Flaky Scalp
Dandruff, often described as dry and flaky skin on the scalp, is caused by a number of factors including dry skin; excessively oily, irritated skin; not shampooing enough; psoriasis; and a yeast-like fungus called malassezia. While a dry and flaky scalp can be uncomfortable and irritating for many people, there are numerous home remedies that can help. However, these remedies have not been evaluated by the FDA, so you should consult your doctor or dermatologist before trying them.

Hair loss & Scalp Illnesses

Male Hair loss
The hair loss has always bothered men, especially those with familiar antecedent. Men vanity is nothing new, It was just something disguised. Today there’s no problem assuming that feature, and among the main concerns is the hair aspect. One of the reasons that contribute for this is the joviality: as it relation between age and degree of baldness exists, a bald person ends up seeming older than one that still has plenty of hair. Therefore, after the hair restoration a bald person will look much younger than before.

Herbal Steam Bath

Herbal leaves and roots are boiled and the steam passed through the body for a prescribed period of time. Indications - obesity, joint pains.